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Review – Avenue Q


Who knew that puppets could be so very naughty! Or should I say – entertaining?!

Having no idea what to expect, I arrived at the theatre, assuming it would be a show I could take my daughter to. Well, let’s just say with with these streetwise puppets I’m glad I didn’t! This show was nothing like I had ever seen before.

The only way to describe Avenue Q is that it is a grown-up version of Sesame Street. The story is about Princeton, an unemployed English Lit graduate who’s trying to find his purpose in life. He takes us through burning issues including sex, racism and homosexuality as well, of course, the love story, when he falls for Kate Monster.

I loved every moment of the show as it grabbed my attention the whole way through. The way the puppets and puppeteers worked side by side was spot on, as were the expressions captured by the puppeteers, making it feel all the more real, I’m not actually sure who I focused on more as the puppeteers brought the personalities out of the colourful characters.

Created by Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez (co-creator of Book of Mormon and writer of the songs for Disney’s Frozen) this masterpiece is world class, and with such a talented cast will leave a long lasting impression on you.

The musical numbers including titles like, ‘Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist’, the hilarious ‘The Internet is for Porn‘ by Trekkie Monster and ‘You Can Be As Loud as the Hell You Want When You’re Making Love‘ are just a few of the songs that caused the audience to cry with laughter, although I’m sure a few of them would have been cringing too!

Avenue Q has to be listed in my top 5 all time shows. I can’t actually recall  the last time I laughed so hard all the way through a show. I have heard a few people say they are going to give the show a miss because they aren’t a fan of puppets. Seriously, don’t let this put you off, grab yourself some tickets or, in my opinion, you’d be a real muppet to miss it!