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Review: The Twits at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre


Even though I’m a mother, I’m not a massive fan of Children’s Theatre, except of course for Panto which I love. In my experience it is usually mostly geared to really young children and as the result teenagers miss out. Plus the last thing I want to do is to sit and watch something aimed at five-year-olds. I’m also ashamed to admit that  I never read The Twits as a child. So I therefore did my homework by quizzing my 12-year-old with what it was all about before reviewing it at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre.

The story line sounded hilarious, so I was more than happy to go along. It was lovely to see the theatre full of children with smiling faces, and to see the members of the cast chatting among the audience as they awaited for the show to start – such a lovely touch.

The Twits are about Mr & Mrs Twit (Robert Pickavance and Jo Mousley) who live in a disgusting caravan… they are a revolting couple, who spend their days playing dirty tricks on each other and mistreating Muggle-Wump monkeys as well as their sticky trick to catch Roly-Poly birds for their bird pies. But for how long will their plan last? Someone needed to teach them a lesson!

I have felt in the past that  Children’s Theatre had always been a little bit dated, cheesy and kind of cringe worthy. However it was refreshing to see this show was more updated, sharper and the set pleasing to the eye – and not only for the children but also for the adults. Much of the show, although simple,  was effective and modern.

When you read The Twits, all you really learn about is Mr & Mrs Twit but I have to say the storytellers were a huge part of the show, with their mannerisms as animals, whether monkeys or birds so believable, and their talents were endless with singling,  dancing, acrobats and more.

I was lucky enough to take both a seven and twelve-year-old with me and am delighted to report that they both thoroughly enjoyed it which shows that not only did it  hit different target audiences but also as I thoroughly enjoyed it the whole way through there is definitely something for everyone.

For a fabulously disgusting night grab yourself some tickets if you dare. Just a word of warning – don’t have spaghetti for dinner before you go!

The Twits runs until Saturday 28th January 2017 at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. Tickets are available from or call the Box Office on 0844 871 7607.


Review: Gaslight at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre


Last night the thriller Gaslight opened at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. It’s a play written in 1938 by Patrick Hamilton one of the 20th Century’s most renowned British writers.

I didn’t actually know what Gaslighting was, but Google informed me that it’s to manipulate (someone) by psychological means into doubting their own sanity. So, sounding like an interesting play I was prepared for a chilling evening – and I was right!

It took a little while for the play to set the scene and completely grab my attention, but once it did I was hanging onto every word. Jack Manningham (Rupert Young) and his wife Bella (Kara Tointon) live in a house together with a housekeeper Elizabeth (Helen Anderson) and maid Nancy (Charlotte Blackledge). Jack is a tall and somewhat charming man who spends most of his evenings out, whilst Bella his Victorian wife is home alone, wondering if she really is as mental as her husband believes – or does he?

We see Jack teasing and manipulating Bella when he dangles theatre tickets in front of her and then quickly twists the situation. Possessions disappear and objects move. He demands that she confesses to hiding the objects, or he will have to have her committed. As the result Bella becomes weak, fearful and exhausted and we watch her doubt herself even more as she hears footsteps above her in the house and sees the ever so scary ghostly flickering of the gaslight.

One day her life changes when Rough (Keith Allen) a retired detective turns up at her door, completely changing her world as we learn more about her husband Jack and his dark side.

I don’t want to give too much away and ruin it for you, but did I enjoy it? Yes I did. It’s a wonderful piece of British theatre, and certainly one not to be missed.

A word of warning however – if you know the name Kara Tointon and vaguely remember her from Eastenders, then Google her before you go. If you don’t you will spend the whole evening staring at her as I did, wondering who she had played again. She is definitely a name to remember!

Gaslight runs until Saturday 21st January 2017 at the Aylesbury Waterside Theatre. Tickets are available from or call the Box Office on 0844 871 7607.