Its Just Jokes! Comedy Show at Slug & Lettuce MK by Lara Wadey

This is the second time I’ve been to Its Just Jokes. The first time my friend and comedian Will E was performing and as always steals the show! If you’ve never seen Will E perform, make sure you put it on your ‘to do list’, as he is one of my all time favourite comedians! It’s because of this I was a little worried that the show wouldn’t live up to my expectations as Will E has already set the bar so high for me. 

When compére Elroy Welsh takes to the stage, his lovable presence, quickly gains control of the audience, which is never an easy task. I love how his character tells jokes like someone telling stories on a personal level; randomly jumping from one joke to another, making you laugh along side with him. 

The first act of the night is Aurie Styla, a comedian from London, with Jamaican and Cuban descent on his mother’s side. You might have seen him on BBC3 or BBC 1Xtra or from the comedy circuit. This is one man with a microphone who actually gets you thinking about life and direction. He touches on subjects like kids, and how money, sleep, manners are three things you lose by having them… how we shouldn’t settle in relationships and if you do not love yourself the way that you are – we can’t talk! His unhurried delivery and big smile makes him a pleasure to watch and I loved how he could laugh at himself when he accidentally hit himself a little too hard on the head with the microphone when acting out a joke. He is a naturally, funny, down to earth person; I look forward to his ‘STRAIGHT UP’ tour at the end of the year. 

Next it was hilarious to have some audience participation live on stage with Elroy, including lip syncing and one guy pretending he was Magic Mike dancing to the famous song Pony. It was a joy to see the audience get so involved, I find we are so reserved at times that it’s very rare to see people actually let go and not care like when we were kids growing up. 

After the second break and to close the show was Toju the millitant black guy, as seen on channel 4’s Balls of Steal and you will probably remember him from Britains Got Talant in 2014, where he received Ant and Dec’s golden buzzer! – The moment he set foot on stage his energy was very present, he was like a bull in a china shop. I love a comedian that is very close to crossing the line – and he was just that… as well as being spot on with all his impressions. 

The highlight of the night was my friend Tab’s face when this guy basically cringed at the fact of eating pussy… my friends face said literally said “you don’t eat pussy” so much, the whole audience kept looking at her and roaring with laughter. I guess you had to be there but it was pure gold! So, tonight we learnt from Toju that if you wanna keep your women… you gotta eat pussy!

This was without a doubt an outstanding night of quality comedy from start to finish. Even with Will E setting the bar so high, these guys nailed it! 

Its Just Jokes has been running for 8 months based at The Slug and Lettuce in Milton Keynes. If you love live comedy, then continue to support nights like this, as we are lucky to have this venue on our doorstep without having to venture into London. 

Bravo guys, we will definitely be back!

Tickets and details for future shows are available at 


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