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Review: Q The Music Show – The James Bond Concert Spectacular at Aylesbury Waterside Theatre by Lara Wadey

I’m one of those people who love those ‘feel good’ songs in films that inspire and move your soul – those that give you goose bumps on your arms and/or a chill down your spine. I love those moments in life where it feels as if someone has hit the pause button in order for you to take in that special moment in time.

Well the Bond hits had that effect on me when I was growing up, so when I heard that Q The Music – the World’s leading James Bond Tribute Band, Concert & Orchestra was coming to Aylesbury, I was extremely excited at the expectation of seeing the show and the privilege of being able to review them.

The band founded in 2004 by Warren Ringham was the first band in the world to provide a tribute to the music of James Bond; bringing together not just theatre and music lovers, but also the hundreds of thousands of 007 enthusiasts around the world.

I was not disappointed. It was truly an inspiring experience. I grew up watching the Bond films with my dad but until this evening I didn’t realise how many Bond films there actually are – 26 films in the past 55 years! The treat that I wasn’t aware of until the night was the compere, Caroline Munro, who talked us through the Bond years. You will remember her from The Spy Who Loved Me – she actually reminded me of my mother the way she was so passionate about everything. I particularly loved the way she appeared to go off script in order to tell us about her memories of Sir Roger Moore. I felt it would have been nice to have had a few more tales like that thrown as the stories no one knows about is the good stuff!

The show was spectacular. The combination of the 13-piece orchestra band as well as the incredible vocals of Kerry Schultz as she belted out song after song including ‘Nobody does it better’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’, ‘Diamonds are Forever’, ‘Skyfall’ and ‘Live and ‘Let Die’ were stunning. It could even possibly be argued that they were performed far better than the originals. The other vocalist, Matt Walker, also gave a strong performance as he covered ‘All the time in the World’, Tom’s Jones’s ‘Thunder ball’ and ‘From Russia with Love’.

If I was going to grumble, I was disappointed with the lighting that was a little off at points and yes the whole experience could have been heightened by a simple glitzy back drop or video clips running along in the background just to add that little extra something.

The songs ran in age order so I was more in love with the second half which was more in my time zone, but during the intermission while talking to someone he mentioned that he loved the first half because that was the time zone that he grew up with. So it appears that there really was something for everyone, even for a little seven year old girl in the audience who was loving every moment!

It was good to see how a few people really got into the part by dressing up in tuxedos and wonderful to watch a gentleman one row in front of me enjoying every moment… In fact I actually said to him as it ended ‘I don’t know what I loved more, the show, or watching you watching the show!

All in all – it was a fabulous night! If you closed your eyes you would think you had all the artists together within one room – a truly wonderful concert full of world class talent!

The one thing I was left wondering was which Bond film, song and actor was my favourite? They were all so incredibly amazing I could not possibly pick one out.

Check Q The Music Show on their website for more details about them and their tour dates

Caroline Munro